BGE - An Exelon Company

Step 1. Before you apply:

  • Have your BGE account number.
  • Have a digital/scanned copy of the original receipt showing the date of purchase and model number. A packing slip or email order confirmation is not adequate unless it contains all the required information.
  • If you are a landlord or tenant applying for a rebate but the account is under someone else’s name, a completed payee release form is required. Please have a scanned copy ready.

Step 2. Confirm that you and your appliance are eligible:

  • Please review all eligibility requirements here.

Step 3. Get rebates for purchasing and installing ENERGY STAR® certified appliances:

Apply now to save up to $100.00
Apply now to save up to $50.00
Apply now to save up to $500.00
Apply now to save up to $400.00
Apply now to save up to $100.00 $150 rebate applies to Tier 3 refrigerators purchased prior to 2018
Apply now to save up to $30.00

EmPOWER Maryland programs are funded by a charge on your electric bill. EmPOWER programs can help you reduce your electricity consumption and save you money.
Go to website to learn more about EmPOWER and how you can participate.